Red Hound AutoCar Wheel Dolly With Premium Ball Bearings For 12” Tires Review

Product Description

Designed and made by Red Hound Auto, for easy usage and operation, this premium car wheel dolly is made from solid diamond steel plates finished with a protective red powder coat.

The wheels contain a double ball bearing swivel system mounted on smooth rolling radial ball bearing axles to provide a uni directional movement when in used. The premium bearing axles offers less frictional resistance for you to roll your object around without much effort.

It is most suitable for use in garages, showrooms and shops as this heavy duty car dolly allows you to easily move heavy and bulky object around. You can use them for moving cars, trucks, tractors, boats, trailers, ATV and even a small plane safely and quickly.

Coming in at a size of roughly 12″ x 16″, it has a weight rating of 1,500 lbs. Including a much needed handle. A single man operation of this dolly is possible and it works great on both rough as well as smooth surfaces.

For safety, Each dolly comes with 2 convenient brakes to help you stop as and when necessary and move at your convenience. Safe, well built and smooth, this is all you need for your workplace to move heavy objects around.

Features At A Glance

  • 4 Heavy duty Premium easy to push double ball bearing vehicle dollies (each with 4 dual bearing swivel casters, with 2 brakes)
  • Size/Dimensions: Capacity: 1,500 lbs each (6,000 lbs total for set of 4), 15-3/4″ wide x 12″ long, 3″ diameter wheels
  • Radial ball bearing wheel axles for smooth one-person pushing (others don"t have this!)
  • Heavy duty powder coated thick diamond plate steel construction, strong polycarbonate surface dual bearing wheel casters; each dolly has a handle for easy carrying and hanging
  • Great for shops, garages and showrooms, these dollies let you easily move cars, trucks, trailers, boats, tractors, ATVs, motorcycles, airplanes, furniture, equipment and more


  • Very well built and tough. Smooth wheels makes pushing easy
  • Works right out of the box
  • Easy one man operation


  • May not fit bigger size car wheels

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